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I'm Natalie Crowe
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Host of the WordPress Learners Lounge Membership &
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WordPress Courses, Live WordPress Help Membership & WordPress Trainings for non-techies.

Learn WordPress Online in a safe space that’s empowering non-techies in business to Build, Maintain & Improve their own profitable WordPress websites, WordPress Courses & Funnels without the tech overwhelm.

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WordPress Courses | Online WordPress Training | Live WordPress Help Membership

 NCDAcademy WordPress101®
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WordPress For Beginners - Learn WordPress Online - WordPress Courses - WordPress101 Australia & UK

WordPress Learners Lounge Membership

WordPress For Beginners | WordPress Learners Lounge Live WordPress Help Membership - WordPress Courses Australia, WordPress Courses UK

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Getting Started With WordPress

Beginner Friendly WordPress Tutorials | WordPress Courses

The most common questions I get about getting started are “Which version of WordPress to use – WordPress.com versus WordPress.org”, “what are the benefits of having a WordPress website?” and “what will I need to get started?”.  So here are 3 blog posts:

Which stage are you at?

All WordPress Website Owners go through 3 stages.

All WordPress website owners  start off in the BUILD stage, getting to know the platform and creating your Website.  Even if you’ve had your site built for you, you’ll still work through, for the most part, familiarizing yourself with how WordPress works. 

This is especially true,  if your long term plan is to outsource management your website. It’s important to understand what’s involved so you’ve got a better idea when it comes to hiring someone to take care of it. 

However having the freedom and confidence to make changes is one of the great benefits of having your own site!

You’ll then transition into the MAINTAIN stage – so you’ve got your WordPress website and your attention is now on taking care of your site. You’re most likely familiar with basic editing of your site.  So, looking at security and completing regular backups and updates; a process you’ll rinse and repeat  regularly in order to ensure your site is functioning well and remains operational. 

The last stage is IMPROVE stage where we’re focused on performance of your site, showing up on the search engines and enhancing user experience. Our focus is building your online presence and perfecting how you deliver your message and reach your ideal clients online.

Whilst that’s not to say, you’re locked into one stage or another, and that the learning stops.  You may see yourself in all 3.  Which is not uncommon.  However considering where you are in your WordPress Journey can be super helpful when it comes to getting support and deciding on you your next steps.

Stage 1 – Build

Familiarizing the platform & learning to build your WordPress Website from scratch.

Stage 2 – Maintain

Learning to take care of your WordPress website security & maintenance. Keeping it updated.

Stage 3 – Improve

Focusing on website performance, enhancing user experience and search engine optimisation.

It’s from these 3 stages, the my signature WordPress For Beginners Programme was created. 

Learn to Build A WordPress Website
NCDAcademy WordPress101®

Are you a non-techie business owner
frustrated and overwhelmed by trying to
build, revise or improve your WordPress website?

Look no further than the the NCDAcademy WordPress101 ®
– 3 part WordPress for Beginners Programme

NCDAcademy WordPress101 - Learn WordPress Online, WordPress Courses, WordPress for Beginners, WordPress training for non-techie business owners, Beginner Friendly WordPress training, Learn to Build Your Own WordPress website
NCDAcademy WordPress101 - WordPress Beginners Course | Learn WordPress Online | WordPress Courses - Natalie Crowe teaches you how to build your own WordPress Website

WordPress for Beginners Programme | Learn WordPress Online

The NCDAcademy WordPress101® programme is 3 individual WordPress Beginner Courses  WordPress101-Build, WordPress101 – Maintain & WordPress101-Improve.  

Each course is a standalone course broken down into bite-sized WordPress video trainings and students have instant lifetime access to the video library to work at their own pace.   

As a SUPPORTED self study programme,  students have the flexibility and convenience of DIY Learning. As well as access to live support and community. 

On Enrollment, every student gets VIP access to the my WordPress Help Membership; the WordPress Learners Lounge, including optional access to fortnightly live  Q&A calls on Zoom as well as access to our members only accountability community on Facebook.

Join my FREE WordPress Help Hub

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Self-made WordPress Websites | WordPress Courses for non-techies

WordPress Courses Australia

Learn WordPress Online with Natalie Crowe

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WordPress Courses UK | WordPress Training UK

We have a strong NCDAcademy Student body  within the UK Business Community.  With students attending our Online WordPress Courses from a range of locations in the UK. For example parts of Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Norwich, Central London, Greater London.

WordPress Courses Scotland

WordPress for Beginners Glasgow

With a strong representation from the Scotland communities including  WordPress Courses Glasgow,  with Natalie Crowe a member of the Glasgow Girls Club community

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WordPress For Beginners Ireland

WordPress Expert Natalie Crowe from Natalie Crowe Designs & the NCDAcademy. WordPress for Beginners | WordPress Courses | Learn WordPress with Natalie Crowe | Self-made WordPress websites

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About The Creator

Natalie Crowe

WordPress Expert with 16+ years industry experience.

Passionate about empowering non-techies in business, to DIY their own WordPress websites and tech, without the tech overwhelm.

Creator of the NCDAcademy WordPress101® – 3 Part WordPress Beginner’s programme & the WordPress Learners Lounge Membership

Natalie has generated over $750K in sales helping non-techies globally build PROFITABLE WordPress Websites.

LGBTQI Mama of 1, she and her wife and their teenage daughter live in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia (2 Hours out of Sydney).

“WordPress + Tech doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m a strong believer anyone can learn & I’ve made it my goal to help as many non-techies as possible! ”

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