Course Creators Bootcamp 2.0 – 4 Week Fast Track

Course Creators Bootcamp 2.0

Only 7 spots available - limited time offer!
Programme starts 12th August 2022

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Course Creators Bootcamp 2.0 is here!

Access to all of the resources from  WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp – Beta Course
+  4 Weeks Fast tracked LIVE support.  Focusing in on group implementation & taking action during calls.

  • 1 x 2HR Workshop –  Implement Tech Setup LIVE with me.
    Where I’ll hold the space for implementation & guide you through my process.
  • 1 x 2HR Workshop –  Plan & Implement your Content Foundations LIVE with me.
    We’ll work through your ideas & lay foundations of your  course / workshop etc.
  • 2 x 1HR Coaching / Tech Support Sessions
    These two accountability sessions will be between the two workshops to help you with anything else that comes up, that you need discussion or tech support on. How Tos or Q&As.  

3 Month Payment Plan available.

Members of my NCD Tech Sessions Membership discount code worth 1 month membership fee.

So let's break down the 8 main inclusions:

LIVE Group Programme

Taught live, Nat shares her first hand experience as a techie and course creator, taking you through her steps to course creation & demystifies the tech.

4 Week Fast Tracked + all access to BETA!

Live Programme including 2 Workshops & 2 accountability sessions over 4 Weeks, and access to all of the resources & recordings - "Beta" course.

2 HR LearnDash Setup & Stripe Config - Workshop

2 HR Workshop helping you get LearnDash and Stripe configured to allow you to create courses & accept payment from your site.
We'll implement during the live call step by step.

2 HR Plan & Implement Course Content - Workshop

2 HR Workshop helping you plan out your course content, and create the outline of your course using the course builder ready for you to fill in the blanks once ready.

2 HR STRATEGY Workshop (Recording)

Recordings of the STRATEGY Workshop & materials walking you through how Nat creates her courses, the planning process, the content strategy and how to implement.

"How to ADD Your CONTENT to learndash" crash Course

Step by step video training on how to add your content to the LearnDash plugin based on content planned during the strategy workshop, so you're ready to sell your course & accept enrollments.

Group Accountability

Programme includes 2 x 60 minute group accountability sessions on Zoom.These are recorded & accessible via student portal. As well as access to a FREE Course only Facebook Group to connect with others.

LearnDash License expiring 29th May 2023

LearnDash is the plugin we'll use to offer the course functionality through your site. The 2.0 includes a FREE LearnDash License valid until 29th of May 2023, as well as done for you service to upload / plugin activation.

PDF Workbook Download

You'll have access to a PDF document to work through your content ideas, worksheets to help you plan and means to keep all of your ideas together.

Lifetime Access

Can't make it to all the lives? No problem. You'll have lifetime access to the content and resources. With the ability to rinse and repeat to create new courses and implement for other projects.

What's included in 4 Week Live Sessions?

12th August to 2nd September

WordPress Courses | Course Creators Bootcamp 2.0 Live

Week 1 - Workshop

Setup the Core LearnDash & Connect Stripe
Together we’ll go through the basic setup needed for LearnDash & Connecting to Stripe Payment Gateway.  + Q&As (2 HRS)

(You’ll implement during the call.)

Week 2 - Coaching & Tech Support

Coaching, Tech Support +  Q&As
This hour session is similar to our accountability sessions + Q&As. Come on in an ask your questions, get support & advice. (1 HR)


Week 3 - Workshop

Plan & Implement Content – “Fill in the blanks”
We’ll work through your content ideas and implement the structure of your course, so you can fill in the blanks + Q&As (2 HRS)

(You’ll implement during the call.)

Week 4 - Coaching & Tech Support

Coaching, Tech Support +  Q&As
Last minute Q&A and Feedback with the anticipation that you’ll have the foundations laid and be ready to start sharing the link to your course to start selling it.  (1 HR)

Course Creators Bootcamp Beta & 2.0 Live Bundle

Only 7 spots available - limited time offer!
Programme starts 12th August 2022

WordPress Courses | Course Creators Bootcamp 2.0 Live

Access to all CORE BETA Course Materials, Recordings & Extra Video Trainings via Student Portal,
1 x LD License valid until 29th May 2023 + NEW 2.0 LIVE  Sessions 4 weeks live support

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