WordPress Course Creators Challenge
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You’ve got knowledge inside your head that could easily be turned into online trainings & courses and be generating income. The 3 Day Challenge is designed to help you get clarity on your ideas and look at how to go about implementing.

How does it work?

  1. Download your Workbook
  2. Head over to the WordPress Help Hub Group.
  3. Watch the daily lives (pinned to the top of the page or you can use the buttons below) and complete the daily task. Simply by commenting on the daily task submission thread.

If you complete all 3 tasks before the 17th April. You’ll go in the running for 1 of 3 the 50GBP/ $90AUD vouchers to be used at the NCDAcademy.

Day 1

Looking at the knowledge you have in your head to teach others and create into an offer.

Day 2

Based on one of your ideas, looking at what content to include in your online offer

Day 3

Looking at how to deliver your content, what format & the tech needed.

By completing the challenge you’ll have mapped out at least one idea and be ready to start creating the content and implementing. However for many non-techies the implementation and tech hold them back.

What’s Next?

So I’ve created the WordPress Course Creators Programme complete with 2 tech bonuses to help support you with everything you need to start making money online sooner from online trainings & courses.

Outlined in the Workbook you’ll have the following worksheets.

Below is a completed example:


The WordPress Course Creators Programme include the BOOTCAMP, BUNDLE & ACADEMY packages are now available for enrollment. Enrollments close on the 28th of April.
Pay In Full Bonuses + Payment Plans are available.

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