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Hey There Successful Superwoman!

Super excited you’re here. You can head on over to access the bundle now MY COURSES however I’d love for you to benefit from implementing with your WordPress site and creating additional revenue streams.

You’re Invited to Join me for the FREE 4 Day Race To Recurring Revenue Challenge

Hey there Successful Superwoman! 🙂
My name is Natalie Crowe – I’m a WordPress Expert and I’m passionate about helping non-techies DIY build, improve and maintain their own Profitable WordPress Websites, Courses & Memberships without the tech overwhelm.

My friend & mentor Lisa Johnson is hosting her annual FREE 4 Day Race To Recurring Revenue Challenge . 20th to 23rd of March .

Whilst the formal challenge signup has finished. You can still join the Facebook Group and be a part of the challenge – submit your tasks up until the 27th March at 12NOON.

I’m also hosting a support group on Facebook Messenger for those who want to keep in touch and work through the challenge. You can drop me a message here if you’d like to be added to that group.

For those wanting to create passive or recurring income!

The FREE 4 day Race To Recurring Income Challenge is a great opportunity to explore your ideas and see what’s income streams are right for you!

Happening 20th to the 23rd of March on Facebook.

This free event is hosted by my friend and mentor Lisa Johnson

Over the four days, you’ll look at

What you are an expert in

How to grow an audience

The content of your course or membership

How to launch successfully

I’m an affiliate for Lisa, and when Lisa launches her One To Many Programme, I’ll be offering a WordPress Related bonuses to help you create passive income through courses, workshops, group programmes and memberships using WordPress.

Are you ready to start making more money in less time?

27th March 8PM GMT

Join Lisa for a special FREE masterclass where she’ll be sharing with you the exact steps she took to start making more money in less time online and the 5 things she needed to start this journey.

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