Live Events Online For WordPress Beginners happening in 2024!
Facilitated by WordPress  Expert - Natalie Crowe of NCDAcademy 

Live Learning Events Online | WordPress for Beginners

2024 Live Events

Natalie Crowe Designs & the NCDAcademy are super excited to offer the following LIVE & Interactive learning experiences for WordPress Beginners.

All Year Round
Fortnightly Calls

Live WordPress Help via WordPress Learners Lounge VIP Membership

FEB 12th & 16th

Create your own Easy-Peasy 12 Month Blog Plan. Training & Implementation.

APR 29th to 3rd MAY Low Cost Challenge

WordPress Course Creators Challenge. Map out your own online course.

MAY 6th
FREE Masterclass

Learn how you can use WordPress to create your own courses.

JUNE 7th & 14th

Learn to Optimise your own WordPress content with the FREE Yoast SEO Plugin

AUG 16th & 23rd

Grow your list with Canva, Mailerlite & WordPress. Simple Email Funnels

SEPT 23rd to 27th
Low Cost Challenge

WordPress Website Planner Challenge. Create a 1 page WordPress site plan.

SEPT 30th
FREE Masterclass

Learn how to build your own WordPress site from scratch without overwhelm

NOV 15th & 22nd

Create your own simple digital product using your WordPress site + Stripe

Group Programmes in 2024

MAY 6th through to 13th  Enrollments Open for WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp

Fast Track creating your own passive / semi passive income  & learn how you can use WordPress to create your own courses.

SEPT 30th through to 7th OCT Enrollments Open for Live NCDAcademy WordPress101®

Join Live Launch of the WordPress101 programme teaching non-techies to DIY profitable WordPress Website with ease.

Register Today!
WordPress Events for Non-techies in Business!

WordPress For Beginners! Ready to up your game with WordPress? 

Join the NCDAcademy online events that are ideal for non-techies in business—no tech experience required! 

Where I’ll be breaking down everything into super easy steps that anyone can work through.  

You’ll get practical tips from my 15+ years experience as a WordPress Developer, and I’ll help you boost your confidence to really make the most of your WordPress website. 

These WordPress trainings won’t break the bank, and they’re beginner-friendly with no fancy tech talk. It’s all about giving your website a boost without the headache. 

Let’s make your WordPress experience straightforward, affordable, and effective. Explore the events below and, let’s  get you booked in to start making the most of your WordPress Website!

How it Works?

Together we can build Profitable WordPress websites
Make More Money & Impact More Lives!

Live Fortnightly WordPress Help

Want to have a chat about your WordPress site?
WordPress Learners Lounge VIP Members get
LIVE Fortnightly WordPress Help Calls on Zoom

LIVE WordPress Help / WordPress Q&A
Fortnightly Zoom Calls | Starting 23rd of January

Need help with WordPress? Want access to recorded 60 minute Q&A sessions every fortnight with Nat & her VIPs to ask your WordPress Questions,  get Nat’s advice & support, accountability and be a part of an amazingly supportive community.  

Benefit from membership perks including new monthly WordPress Trainings in the Student Portal, access to the Members Only accountability group, all for a low-cost monthly subscription. No longer have to go your WordPress Journey Alone!

Then look no further.    Join the WordPress Learners Lounge VIP Today!   Fortnightly calls kick off again  23rd of January 2024.

The NCD LEAP Sessions

LEAP stands for Learn, Evaluate, Action & Progress.

The NCD LEAP Sessions combine 2 x 60 minute Zoom sessions held over 2 days.
Inclusive of an interactive training & a follow-up group implementation session

Day 1 – Learn & Evaluate
We work through the Learning & Evaluate how it applies for your business. Take a few days to absorb the information.

Day 2 – Action & Progress
We work through your ideas, take action as a group and implement your learnings live on the call. 

the NCD LEAP Sessions | WordPress Live Training Events for WordPress Beginners. | Easy-Peasy 12 Month Blog Plan

12th & 16th FEBRUARY
The NCD Leap Sessions – Easy-Peasy 12 Month Blog Plan

Get Started With WordPress Blogging
Work with Nat through her Easy-Peasy 12 Month Blog Plan
2 Day Event

Drive new prospects to your products and services from the Search Engines! AND Give your existing audience an opportunity to revisit your site at least once a month!

Day 1 – Learn & Evaluate
We’ll learn about setup your WordPress Blog, Generate Blog content ideas from Prompts, Google Search & optionally AI.

Day 2 – Action & Progress
We’ll explore your ideas and then Create & schedule 12 blog posts that will consistently build your presence online.

Limited Vacancies!

Learn to Optimise Your WordPress Content with Yoast SEO - Live June 2024

7th & 14th June
The NCD Leap Sessions – Optimising Content With Yoast SEO

Learn to optimise a Post or Page
Work with Nat through basics of the SEO Plugin – “Yoast SEO”
2 Day Event

Improve the chances of your WordPress content being found on the search engines by the right people.  Learn the basics of on-page search engine optimisations and how to optimise a blog post or page on your WordPress Website using the FREE Yoast SEO Plugin.

Day 1 – Learn & Evaluate
We’ll learn about Search Engine Optimisation Basic,  we’ll install the YOAST SEO plugin and familiarise ourselves with it’s functionality.  And talk about how to fast track getting Google to list your content.

Day 2 – Action & Progress
We’ll optimise a piece of content in real time to see how it’s done.  Step by step, and you’ll get my SEO Checklist to help make the process easier. I’ll share tips and tricks around how to make the process easier and we’ll look at how to connect your site to the search engines.

Registration Open
27th May 2024

16th & 23rd August
The NCD Leap Sessions – Coming Soon!

Grow Your List
with Canva, Mailerlite & WordPress
2 Day Event

Start growing your mailing list by creating a simple downloadable PDF in Canva, and creating the pieces needed for an email funnel in Mailerlite using your WordPress Website

Day 1 – Learn & Evaluate
We’ll look at what a funnel is, the tech and it’s moving components and what’s needed to get started . We’ll create the basic elements ready to implement next session

Day 2 – Action & Progress
We’ll setup a very simplistic funnel and show you how to connect the tech on your own site.  

Registration Open
5th August 2024

15th & 22nd November
The NCD Leap Sessions – Create Simple Digital Products

Learn to create & sell a simple downloadable PDF
Using Canva, Your WordPress website & Stripe.
2 Day Event

We’ll create a quick and easy Digital Product – e.g an Ebook or downloadable PDF we’d like to sell. Designed for small sale / low cost offers.   We’ll use  Stripe to collect payment and your WordPress site to deliver the product.

Day 1 – Learn & Evaluate
We’ll look at the logistics and what’s needed to be setup.  We’ll brainstorm your ideas around what you’d like to offer and I’ll show you process from start to finish.

Day 2 – Action & Progress
We’ll take action and you’ll have a go at implementing the tech on your own site + stripe payments for a simple low cost offer. 

Registration Open
4th November 2024

Other Live Events Coming in 2024!

WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp

Small Group Programme helping non-techies
create courses using there WordPress Website.

Are you sick of trading time for money?
Burnt out! Working Crazy Hours to make ends Meet?
Wanting more FREEDOM, CHOICE & Time with your family?
Wanting to share your knowledge to help more people
& make a sustainable income?

You’ve got knowledge inside your head
that could easily be turned into Online Trainings / Courses
& be generating you income.

The WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp
is a live 6 week programme designed to help you
fast track going from IDEA to IMPLEMENTATION
& create your very on course with WordPress.

SEPT 23rd to 27th
Low Cost Challenge

WordPress Website Planner Challenge. Create your 1 Page WordPress plan

MAY 6th
FREE Masterclass

Learn how you can use WordPress to create your own courses.

Enrollments Open until 13th May

Fast Track creating your own courses using your WordPress Website.

NCDAcademy WordPress101- Live 2024

3 Part WordPress Beginners Programme
Helping you Build, Maintain & Improve your WordPress site.

Offering non-techies empowerment and independence to
create a website that truly reflects your business.

So that you can reach more your ideal clients,
make more money & help more people.

Ditch that dodgy developer & save on expensive development fees.
Plus have the freedom and confidence to take control of your fab new site!

You’ll learn to confidently build, maintain & improve your website with lifetime access to the training & optional help along the way!
Discover Peace of mind….

No longer have to fear the tech.
Learn how to unlock the potential of WordPress in a simple, easy and fun way.

Join over 100 other WordPress101 Warriors who to, were feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and now have peace of mind, freedom and creative control of an amazing asset to help them grow and strengthen their business.


The NCDAcademy WordPress101® programme is a supported evergreen programme which you can enroll at any point through-out the year. However once a year NCDAcademy offers a LIVE Launch including bonuses, tech setup options and additional live support when you join the full 3 part programme.. 



APR 29th to 3rd MAY Challenge

WordPress Course Creators Challenge. Map out your own online course.

SEPT 30th
FREE Masterclass

Learn how to build your own WordPress site from scratch without overwhelm

Enrollments Open until 7th OCT

NCDAcademy WordPress101® Programme Live Launch.

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About The Creator

Natalie Crowe

WordPress Expert with 15+ years industry experience.

Passionate about empowering non-techies in business, to DIY their own WordPress websites and tech, without the tech overwhelm.

Creator of the NCDAcademy WordPress101® – 3 Part WordPress Beginner’s programme & the WordPress Learners Lounge Membership

Natalie has generated over $750K in sales helping non-techies globally build PROFITABLE WordPress Websites.

LGBTQI Mama of 1, she and her wife and their teenage daughter live in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia (2 Hours out of Sydney).

“WordPress + Tech doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m a strong believer anyone can learn & I’ve made it my goal to help as many non-techies as possible! ”

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