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Thank you so much for watching my WordPress Training.

I know we covered some great content during the presentation and there were some great questions.  Below is a list of some of the topics we covered & resources + recommendations including:

  • Benefits of having a website

Deep Dive into WordPress

  • What is WordPress
  • Why is WordPress So Beneficial?
  • What does Core WordPress do
  • Flexibility, Plugins & Themes
  • What is a visual builder e.g Elementor or Divi

Quick Overview

  • Ease of content publishing
  • Website Maintenance & Security
  • Website & Search Engine Optimisation
  • What do you need to start a WordPress Website?

Quick Demo:

  • How to setup a simple site
  • Example of using Visual Builders


  1. Where to go to from here – Ways to get WordPress & Tech Help
  2. Link through to my free 5 Day WordPress Website Planner Challenge
  3. Recommendations for WordPress Hosting & Domains
  4. Recommendations for Visual Builders
  5. Information regarding the NCDAcademy WordPress101® course.
  6. Additional Recommendations  for LearnDash & Vimeo Hosting
  7. Enquiry Form – for you to ask any questions you may have.

Where to go to from here?
1 & 2 - Ways to get WordPress & Tech Help:

Come join my free
WordPress & Tech Help group

Register for the FREE 5 Day
WordPress Website Planner Challenge.

3. Requirements for A WordPress Website:

During the presentation we discussed the requirements for a WordPress website included:

  • WordPress Website Hosting
  • & a domain name.

You can purchase your WordPress Hosting from any reliable hosting company but for our UK audience we recommend  Siteground.

Below you can learn more about the hosting packages.  Siteground will provide you with a 50% discount on the first 12 months. 
The difference between the two is solely that Woocommerce the ecommerce plugin is preinstalled.  Otherwise the pricing is the same. It’s solely listed there for your convenience.  

Recommend Hosting:

Siteground - WordPress Website Hosting

4. Recommended Visual Builders:

We also spoke about the Visual Builders Available.  The purpose of the Visual Builders is to enable you to be able to design your pages and content the way you want them without having to code. 

 Elementor is FREE to download however the PRO version with a lot of the extra functionality that makes life easier including templates & extra widgets and blocks require an annual license.

My favourite paid Visual Builder is the Divi Builder (& Divi Theme) from Elegant Themes. I tend to find it easier in terms of being able to see the structure of the page.  You can learn more about the DIVI Visual Builder below.   

*Considering WordPress101?  I also include a free lifetime license for DIVI in my WordPress101 care packages for those considering WordPress101

Elementor Visual Builder for WordPress

Divi Visual Builder for WordPress By ElegantThemes

5. NCDAcademy WordPress101®
8 Week WordPress Beginner's Course

6. Additional Recommendations:

WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin - Allows you to create and sell courses. This plugin is annual payment and integrates with WordPress, and can be integrated with a variety of other plugins to increase the functionality.

Vimeo Dedicated Video Hosting

7. Got a Question for Nat?

NCDAcademy Enquiry Form

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Please Note:  the resources above may contain affiliate links. These come at no cost to you, and enable me  to help empower more people with their WordPress websites & tech.

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