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Hey There lovelies!
I’ve created this page to make it easier to find all of the lives events and resources.

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Introduction to the event, how to win prizes and how the challenge works.

DAY 1 – What are you an expert in?

TASK: Grab a large sheet of paper, brainstorm anything you can think of that you could teach. Then on the TASK 1 thread comment with your top 3 topics you’re an expert in

Whilst not officially part of the challenge. I mentioned a PDF document I used for brainstorming.

DAY 2 – How to grow an audience

TASK: Come up with the title of a FREEBIE / Lead magnet you could use to attract your ideal clients to your mailing list.
Example – “6 steps to taking care of your WordPress Website for Non-techies”

Lisa Talked About Funnels and audience building.

If you think of the funnel – it has a large opening where lots of prospects come in and filters through.This is the same for your audience building efforts.

You’ll be marketing to lots of potential customers at the top of the funnel, you’ll offer them something of interest – a freebie or download of some variety in exchange for their name and email address. Following them receiving their download you then have their email address and can begin building rapport with the customer, in order to educate them on your products and services with the end goal to build trust & convert them to sales.

BONUS Q&A Session

DAY 3 – The content of your course or membership

TASK 3 :
For the course you’re looking to create. Create the transformation statement that tells the from where they are to where they’ll be or what they’ll get.
E.G Piano Course – “Beginner to Beethoven”

DAY 4 – How to launch successfully

TASK 4: What 3 Tasks would you have in a 3 day challenge to introduce your audience to your course content.


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27th March 8PM GMT

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Who the heck is Nat?!
WordPress Expert From Oz

My name is Natalie Crowe – I’m a WordPress Expert and I’m passionate about helping non-techies DIY build, improve and maintain their own Profitable WordPress Websites, Courses & Memberships without the tech overwhelm.
I’m an affiliate for One To Many

On the 26th of March I’ll be emailing out a summary of my One To Many Bonuses. If you’re non-techie and looking for course creation support & help with the tech this will be a perfect opportunity for you to benefit from the One To Many programme and my bonuses!

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