NCD LeaP Sessions - 12th & 16th Feb

Live Events Online For WordPress Beginners happening in 2024!
Facilitated by WordPress  Expert - Natalie Crowe of NCDAcademy 

the NCD LEAP Sessions | WordPress Live Training Events for WordPress Beginners. | Easy-Peasy 12 Month Blog Plan

2024 Live Events

Natalie Crowe Designs & the NCDAcademy are super excited to offer the following LIVE & Interactive learning experiences for WordPress Beginners.


Easy-Peasy 12 Month Blog Plan
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  • Are you a non-techie in business interested in using blogging with WordPress, as a way to help grow your presence online.
  • Maybe you’ve read about the benefits blogging has for Search Engine Optimisation and helping you get found on the search.
  • Or you’re looking for ways to create return visits to your website 
  • and build the know like and trust factor with your audience.

All of these are possible when you create content for your WordPress Site.

Whether you’re:

  • stuck on ideas – what do you write about, 
  • overwhelmed by the technical aspects like keywords
  • and unsure how to make blogging work for you (afterall the internet has an overwhelming abundance of blogging resources out there, which do you follow?)

Maybe you’re:

  • short on time,
  • unsure if your audience will even read a blog,
  • or you’re worried about getting it wrong.  
  • Or asking yourself “Is it really going to be worth it?”

Blogging With WordPress is….

  • one of the best ways to keep your website active on the search,
  • answer your audience questions,
  • create a virtual library of articles to refer back to.
  • Create genuine connection with your audience
  • and gives you a place to direct prospective customers to an online space free of other distractions
  • where you can demonstrate your expertise
  • and help them go from prospect to sale.

Unleash Your Business’s Online Potential
Easy-Peasy 12 Month Blog Plan
February 2024 – NCD LEAP SESSION Online Event.

  • Whether you’re new to WordPress or feeling stuck, this 2-day event is beginner-friendly and designed to help you confidently set up, create, and schedule a year’s worth of blog content.


  • Remember consistency DOESN’T mean constant.
  • This isn’t going to be all encompassing &  it’s something you’re going to be able to rinse & repeat.

Over two interactive Zoom sessions, You’ll learn:

  • tips and tricks from my 15+ years experience as a WordPress expert.
  • Generate content ideas effortlessly,
  • and tackle the tech with ease!

For just 99, you’ll gain lifetime access to recordings, a student workbook, and a chance for a Hotseat experience in a small group setting.

  • Let’s revamp your blogging strategy,
  • drive prospects to your products/ services,
  • and encourage your audience to regularly engage with your content

Don’t let fear and frustration hold you back—start your blogging journey now!

12th & 16th of Feb @ 9PM Syd | 10AM UK.
  • Get Started With WordPress Blogging
  • Work with Nat through her Easy-Peasy 12 Month Blog Plan 2 Day Event.
  • Completely beginner friendly.
  • Helping you setup, create and schedule 12 months worth of blog post content
  • Drive new prospects to your products and services from the Search Engines!
  • AND Give your existing audience an opportunity to revisit your site at least once a month!

Revamp your blogging game with a power-packed 2-day training and implementation event!

Unleash the potential of these two 60-minute Zoom sessions – one for interactive training and another for an interactive workshop – totally beginner friendly – only 99!!

  • 2 x 60min group Zoom Calls
  • 1 x Student Workbook
  • Lifetime access to recordings.
  • Hotseat opportunity
  • Day 1 – Learn & Evaluate We’ll learn about setup your WordPress Blog, Generate Blog content ideas from Prompts, Google Search & optionally AI.

  • Day 2 – Action & Progress We’ll explore your ideas and then Create & schedule 12 blog posts that will consistently build your presence online.
If you’d like to join me for this interactive training session. Register today!


I am a .

About The Creator

Natalie Crowe

WordPress Expert with 15+ years industry experience.

Passionate about empowering non-techies in business, to DIY their own WordPress websites and tech, without the tech overwhelm.

Creator of the NCDAcademy WordPress101® – 3 Part WordPress Beginner’s programme & the WordPress Learners Lounge Membership

Natalie has generated over $750K in sales helping non-techies globally build PROFITABLE WordPress Websites.

LGBTQI Mama of 1, she and her wife and their teenage daughter live in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia (2 Hours out of Sydney).

“WordPress + Tech doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m a strong believer anyone can learn & I’ve made it my goal to help as many non-techies as possible! ”

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