NCDAcademy WordPress101® – 3 Part Programme UPGRADE



New 3 Part WordPress Beginner’s Programme!

UPGRADE FOR ALUMNI WordPress101 Students Only
For those who completed the first or second round of WordPress101


I’m super excited to bring to you the new & improved NCDAcademy WordPress101® – 3 Part  WordPress Beginner’s Programme.

Designed to empower non-techies to, ditch their dodgy developers andfeel confident to DIY BUILD, MAINTAIN & IMPROVE their own WordPress Website without the tech overwhelm. 

Each part is stand alone course and broken down into bite size video trainings taking you through deep dive into each of the focus areas. 

Each part will retail for 497GBP / $880AUD / $600USD OR
Bundle all 3 will retail for 997GBP / $1720AUD / $1200USD

ALUMNIs get all 3 parts + 4 months live Q&A for 600GBP / $1100AUD / $1000USD

NCDAcademy WordPress101® – BUILD

PART 1 – NCDAcademy WordPress101® – Build is a foundational course designed too give you all the knowledge you’ll need to build a WordPress Website from scratch.

Including the “NCDAcademy WordPress101 ® -Build Library” covering a deep dive into WordPress & it’s moving parts and the “FAST TRACK Build Along With Nat” Module – for those needing to build a site fast.

The NCDAcademy WordPress101® – BUILD LIBRARY

  • The NCDAcademy WordPress101® – Build Library:
    • Introduces you to WordPress covering where to find things & how they work
    • Helps you with the planning of your site, & covers the design and colour considerations – including makings sure your site works well on different devices (responsive design). As well content planning.
    • covers step by step instructions installing WordPress & configuring WordPress for the first time,
    • Teaches you about Plugins & Themes – What they are, how to get them and what you do with them.
    • simplifies how to Work with WordPress to publish and maintain content,
    • Introduces you to WordPress Optimisation & gets you started on how to ensure your website is running it’s best,
    • Introduces you to WordPress Security & gets you started on how to keep your website secure and safe.
    • Introduces you to WordPress Maintenance & gets you started on how to take care of your site.
    • introduces you to Search Engine Optimisation & shows you how to submit your site to google so you get found quicker.
    • shows you simple steps to setting up an online store – including PayPal + Stripe (optional Bonus!)
    • Also includes a brief overview of what’s needed to maintain your site and possible improvements as a next step.


FAST TRACK BUILD – Build Along With Nat

  • NEW ADDITION!!! FAST TRACK Build – Watch and Implement
    • Ideal if you want to setup a simple site Fast. The new Build Along With Nat module is setup up as a tutorial style watch and implement the step by step videos.
    • By the end of this module – you’ll have a basic WordPress Website from scratch including bite-size video tutorials on:
      • Installing and configuring initial WordPress setup,
      • Implementing your theme look and feel
      • setup your desired functionality with plugins
      • planned, created & populated your page content
      • setup your main menu, your header, footer and sidebars
      • setup a working contact form, with spam control & delivery authentication
      • made changes to help make your site more search engine friendly
      • taken a backup of your website
      • Checked and tested your website
      • and connected & submitted your new site to Google


NCDAcademy WordPress101® – MAINTAIN

PART 2 – NCDAcademy WordPress101® – MAINTAIN course focuses on WordPress Maintenance & Security. We deep dive into understanding the importance of taking care of your WordPress website.

NCDAcademy WordPress101 – MAINTAIN INCLUDES:

  • All things Backups & Updates:
    • my masterclass on WordPress Backups & Updates covering:
      • Introduction of Backups
      • Introduction to Backup Plugins
      • Introduction to Hosting Backups
      • Importance of backups & why you should do it.
      • Why Hackers want access + other reasons for backups.
      • What you can back up & How you go about it
      • Different types of backups can take
      • How often you should be doing it.
      • Where to store your backup files
    • How to take care of your WordPress Backup & Updates
    • 2 x popular plugin backup tutorials
  • Spam Control trainings
  • User management – tackling creating accounts, auditing fake accounts & emergency password resets.
  • Ways to Harden Your Security
    • including setting up monitoring and detection plugins
    • quick ways to check for malware
    • security logs and other helpful security checks
    • and bonus module on Hack Recovery, that will walk you through steps to take
    • including the Emergency Hack Pack – things you need to do – even if you were to go through and get professional help to secure your site.


Whilst it can be a a challenging experience. Non-techies can tackle WordPress Maintenance and Security without the overwhelm.

This is 100% beginner friendly and I am confident anyone will be able to utilise the resources I’ve included.

NCDAcademy WordPress101® – IMPROVE

PART 3 – NCDAcademy WordPress101® – IMPROVE course focuses on WordPress Maintenance & Security. We deep dive into understanding the importance of taking care of your WordPress website.

Now that we’ve got the site built, and maintenance and security under control, PART 3 – NCDAcademy WordPress101® – IMPROVE course focuses at ways we can improve our sites. Including:

NCDAcademy WordPress101 – IMPROVE INCLUDES:

  • Performance Review & Tracking. Audit & track your Website performance using different tested tools and techniques
  • Gaining beginner’s insight as to where your site is, Afterall, that which we focus on improves.
  • Get Started or Reacquainted to with Google including connecting Google Search Console & Google Analytics, then integrate with your website
  • Website Performance Optimisation – you’ll learn tools and techniques to improve your overall site, tackle optimising images & more.
  • Explore series of General Site Improvements you can make to your site, Improving the content we’re offering on the site and your presentation & content placement on your website to increase engagement with your audience & more
  • Looking at additional tasks you can do to “Marie Kondo” anything unnecessarily cluttering or slowing your site down
  • Take a deep dive into the search engines and Search Engine Optimisation. Looking at the follow are and how they apply to your site :
    • Search Engine Optimisation & Keyword Research
    • Domain Authority, Meta Data, Page Structure & more
    • Ranking Factors & how to improve them
      • internal – within your website and your control , On-Page SEO
      • external to your site, so you’re building a strong presence online
    • Downloadable SEO checklist & Guide, to to help you make the most of your efforts.
  • Trainings on 10 of my top recommendations and Practical SEO improvement tasks – you can complete to help your search engine optimisation efforts

Together the programme gives you all the information, practical tips and step by step instructions to BUILD, MAINTAIN & IMPROVE a profitable WordPress website.


No more waiting around for Live Support.
We’ve now ceased twice yearly live rounds as we recognise that access to live help when you need it is important!!

ALL ALUMNI Students receive 16 Weeks / 4 Months of Weekly Q&A calls & Tech Support via THE NCD TECH SESSIONS MEMBERSHIP.

You’ll join the TNTS community and be able to get support and guidance regarding your WordPress + Tech during our Weekly Live Calls on Zoom.

With the option to renew your membership if you still need some additional support after the initial 3 months.

For those whom are already enrolled you’ll have 4 months added to your subscription.

Due to the nature of this product being digital and students having instant access to the content, we’re unable to offer refunds. This is reinforced with the inbuilt activity logging, which not only helps students track their progress each time they login, acts as a security measure to deter undesired behaviour and combat account sharing.

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