Simple Contact Form Setup for WordPress



Setup contact forms easily on your WordPress.

Add Google ReCaptcha (“I’m not a robot” test) to help with spam control and,

Configure SMTP email logging, so you can monitor emails created and sent through your website ensuring they have been delivered, and are less likely to be marked as spam.


Includes four videos:

  •  Introduction
    • How contact forms work  & uses for them
    • How the content of the forms are created & sent  & why some emails created by your website, don’t arrive.
    • How to create authorization so the forms have permission to send.
    • Plugins to use to create your forms
    • What is reCAPTCHA
    • How to add Google reCAPTCHA  “I’m not a Robot”  test to help control spam
  • Adding forms plugin & configuring a basic form  (Part 1)
  • Setting up Google Recaptcha (Part 2)
  • Getting & Configuring the SMTP plugin. (Part 3) 
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