WordPress Course Creators Plan



Create a simple 2 page plan to help you get clarity around creating online trainings & courses using your WordPress Site

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FREE WordPress Course Creators Plan

Use my 2 page summary plan to help fast track idea generation and collating your ideas for what to include in your online trainings.

You’ve got knowledge inside your head, that could be generating you income, in the form of online trainings & courses, through your WordPress Website.  However, the first step is getting clear on what you could create.

I’ve created a self-study training based on the recent live challenge I held in the WordPress Help hub. which is designed to help you generate possible ideas  and create a simple 2 page summary plan for a given idea.

You’ve got option to use the Fast Track training  + worksheets  or you can work through the step by step trainings.

I’ve also added the  April 2023 challenge recordings for your viewing.

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