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NCDAcademy WordPress101® – Improve


Part of the NCDAcademy WordPress101® – 3 Part Programme.
WordPress Beginner’s Programme for non-techies in business wanting to DIY Build, Maintain & Improve their own WordPress Website.

PART 3 – NCDAcademy WordPress101® – Improve
Now that we’ve got the site built, and maintenance and security under control, we want to look at ways we can improve our sites. Including:

  • Audit / Website performance,
  • Optimisation of the website,
  • the search engines and
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Ranking Factors,
  • Improving the information we’re offering on the site,
  • the content placement and so much more.
  • Connecting to the analytics and
  • gaining beginner’s insight as to where your site is, Afterall, that which we focus on improves.
  • Practical SEO improvement tasks
  • and the SEO checklist to to help you make the most of your efforts.

Whilst a challenging experience. Non-techies can tackle WordPress Maintenance and Security without the overwhelm. <3 This is 100% beginner friendly and I am confident anyone will be able to utilise the resources I’ve included.


Students receive 8 Weeks / 2 Months of Weekly Q&A calls & Tech Support via THE NCD TECH SESSIONS MEMBERSHIP.

You’ll join the TNTS community and be able to get support and guidance regarding your WordPress + Tech during our Weekly Live Calls on Zoom.

With the option to renew your membership if you still need some additional support after the initial 2 months.

Due to the nature of this product being digital and students having instant access to the content, we’re unable to offer refunds. This is reinforced with the inbuilt activity logging, which not only helps students track their progress each time they login, acts as a security measure to deter undesired behaviour and combat account sharing.

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