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NCDAcademy WordPress101® Course Inclusions:

Learn WordPress - WordPress101 - 8 Week Self Study Course
  • STUDENT PORTAL & Course Video Library with 60+ videos
    – covering What, Why & How we do things.
  • Downloadable Self Study Guide PDF
    – covering the video content in step by step walk through
  • Crash Course Videos
    – These are “Need-To-Know” only videos that take you through task you’ll readily do without the why.
  • 8 Week Self Study Schedule
  • Student Only Facebook Group
  • Access to future live rounds scheduled in March & October each year.
  • Lifetime Access to course for a one-off fee
  • Access to Course content updates as they are added.
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Learn WordPress | 8 Week Beginner’s Course

NCDAcademy WordPress101® is the perfect beginner’s course for students wanting to learn WordPress or for anyone intending to build their website on WordPress.

Whether you’re NEW to WordPress or had WordPress for a while and are finding it hard to navigate, worried about ‘breaking it’ or you’re unsure what to do with it!

If this sounds like you, this amazing course gives you knowledge & understanding to confidently use your WordPress website.

And Taught by an experienced web developer who has been in business more than a decade and helped hundreds of other clients 1:2:1 over the past 13 years.

The course covers a great foundation to all the need to know information and provides students with tools and knowledge to get the most out of their WordPress Website.

What’s covered in the WordPress course?

MODULE 0- Orientation

Course Overview, Student Portal Walk-through

MODULE 1- Introduction to WordPress

How to install, Foundations of WordPress & Basic Configurations

MODULE 2 – WordPress Plugins & Themes

Including what they are, how you get them, what you do with them, maintaining them etc

MODULE 3 – Publishing with WordPress

Including the Editor, Media Library, Creating Pages & Posts, Adding Links, Images, Videos to your content

MODULE 4 – Keeping WordPress Secure & Maintenance:

Importance of backing up, what plugins to use, other things to consider regarding security & management.

MODULE 5 – WordPress Optimisations

Overview of what is Optimisation, Recommended Plugins for Optimisation, Optimising with Yoast SEO .

MODULE 6 – WordPress Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engines

Introduction to SEO and Webmasters tools, how to use them to connect your WordPress website to search.

MODULE 7 – Woocommerce Introduction

Introduction to Woocommerce, what it is , how you use it and basic configurations including connecting payment gateways such as PayPal & Stripe.

NCDAcademy WordPress101® – SELF STUDY – Frequently Asked Questions:

We’ve covered some general information and answered some of the commonly asked questions below.

Over 8 Weeks or at your leisure

Students can follow the recommended course completion or they can choose their own adventure, completing the content that appeals to them and at their own pace.

Students have a Weekly DIY Guide & Optional Weekly Challenges which they can complete and share in the Paid Members Facebook Group.

7 weekly DIY Guides - WordPress Beginner's Course  - Self Study Guides

♦ How long does it take?

Implementing the course content won’t take 8 full weeks to complete, however we understand we all have busy lives, things happens. The course offers students 8 weeks support each round, a Facebook Group.

Students also have lifetime to access our online student portal, course Video Library containing over 60+ Videos, our PDF Self Study Guide, Need-to-know Crash Course Videos and Resources.

You don’t have to finish the course in 8 weeks. You have lifetime access.

Video Trainings

I understand that joining Live teaching isn’t always practical, every student is at a different stage in their WordPress Journey, and potentially different parts of the World. This is why I’ve chosen to pre-record the trainings in advance which students are able to re-watch as often as they like.

♦ Do I get LIVE Q&As when I order?

Live Q&As Rounds are held March and October each year. All new & existing students are welcome to join these live rounds. However students may wish to purchase the ALUMNI course upgrade to ensure their student portal looks the same as those referenced in the training.

During a Live Round – Live calls are RECORDED & are totally optional. They are primarily for you to get additional support or ask questions if you get stuck. There aren’t formal lessons during the live calls. All of the course content is stored in your Student Portal and you have access to it 24/7. Even if you didn’t attend any live calls you would still be able to complete the course.

Benefits of enrolling now – when we’re not in a live round

Even if you aren’t quite ready to implement, have a lot on your plate at the moment or are worried about committing to completing the course during this 8 week round.

Some of the benefits include:

  • You can start when you’re ready & and have full access to the content now.
  • You can partake in future live rounds Q&As. No matter whether you purchase outside of the March & October launches. There will be Q&A opportunities in future rounds and you always have the Facebook Group.
  • You get lifetime access to the course content including any updates to the content included when you purchase.
  • You secure the course at the current price.
  • In the future the course price will change

What if I can’t complete the whole course during the 8 weeks?

You have lifetime Access to the content via student portal.
Rewatch the recordings of previous calls, and engage with other students via the Facebook Group.

You have all you need to complete the course in the way of the 8 weekly PDFs that guide you through the content. Along with the step by step Self Study Guide that accompanies the course content.

NCDAcademy WordPress101® Course

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♦ You will need to have your own DOMAIN & HOSTING. The cost to purchase this is NOT covered by the course fee.
♦ Due to the nature of this content delivery we do not offer refunds.
In the future – the course price may increase due to added value

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