WordPress101 – Course Only – RD5 – 7 Weeks

$145.00 / week for 7 weeks

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NCDAcademy WordPress101® |
8 week WordPress Beginner’s Course

NCDAcademy WordPress101 - 8 Week WordPress Beginner's Course

Programme is valued at 3500GBP, however has discount applied
& setup as a 7 Week Payment Plan


  • STUDENT PORTAL & Course Video Library with 70+ videos
    – covering What, Why & How we do things.
  • Downloadable Self Study Guide PDF
    – covering the video content in step by step walk through
  • Crash Course Videos
    – These are “Need-To-Know” only videos that take you through task you’ll readily do without the why.
  • 8 Week Supported Study Schedule 
  • Paid Members Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Course content updates for existing content.
  • All students past and present have access to the our 8 week LIVE rounds


Eligible  Round 5 Bonuses:

  • 12 month Blog Planner (£47)
    Take the hassle out of planning your blog content
    Work through your ideas for your blog content look at what’s going to beneficial for you to share over the next 12 month and make the most of what WordPress was originally design for BLOGGING!

  • SEO CHECKLIST – (£27)
    Handy SEO Checklist
    Walks you through some basic Search Engine Optimisation concepts and key elements you should consider when you’re optimising your content and your overall website.

Standard Terms & Conditions Apply.
Non-refundable  due to the nature of the delivery of digital content.
Failure to make payments as agreed will result in suspension of your account.

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