The NCD Tech Sessions Membership
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Access to fortnightly Tech Help when you need it!

Monthly Fee for optional fortnightly group live calls.
Supporting non-techies to tackle tech without the tech overwhelm.

15 years experience as a WordPress Expert, Business Mentor & Tech Guide – pick my brain. Live Q&A, Troubleshooting. Screen Takeovers & more.

Correction: Calls are now Fortnightly – 60 Minute Drop in calls.

The NCD Tech Sessions Membership

NEW 2 TIER membership coming soon!
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Got questions or need a little more help with WordPress? Websites or Tech?

✔ Perhaps you’re new, or not very tech savvy and just not sure what to do ?
✔ Maybe you’re scared you’re going to break it?
✔ Super busy lifestyle but still need help from time to time?

The NCD Tech Sessions Membership is a great way to get support, troubleshoot problems, get feedback regarding your situation and learn from the collective group experiences.

Nat specialises in WordPress, Websites and Tech and has 14+ years industry experience developing websites and supporting clients not to hate their tech, work out easy ways to overcome obstacles and get the most out of their websites and online presence.

Membership Hybrid | Mastermind + Tech in Action

This unique group membership is a hybrid of a traditional mastermind group where you’d ordinarily be able to ask questions and get group feedback. However The NCD Tech Sessions combine live tech support and what Nat likes to call “Tech in Action” through our “Hot Seat” opportunities.

You’ll still be able to ask questions and get group feedback and support, however Nat will provide knowledge and industry experience, make recommendations and provide demonstrations on how to make relevant changes or if applicable, actually implement the relevant changes live on your behalf during the call.

WEEKLY DROP IN SESSIONS – Help when you needed it!

How Often Are Calls?

NEW! Calls are now 60 minutes in duration. Held once a week.
As of 1st August we’ll be meeting on Tuesdays 9PM Sydney – 12PM UK time .

You’ll be able to join Nat & our Members LIVE on Zoom to get support.
The calls aren’t themed or topic specific.
You’ll be able to ask questions specific to your situation and get advice or troubleshooting.

Current Calendar for 2023

About this calendar:

Sydney Australia Timezone.

From 1st August
Calls will return to Thursdays Only.

  • SYD 9PM Tuesdays the next
    (Tuesday Mornings for most outside of Australia)

Members Facebook group also has all the events. Which will be converted automatically to your timezone for ease & convenience.

June 2024

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • 9PM Syd - VIP CALL | WordPress Learners Lounge

As the membership grows we’ll move to hosting Hot Seats.

A HOT SEAT includes the ability for you to ask your questions and request feedback from Nat and those live on the call. You’ll also have an option Share Screen with the group and Nat can talk you through any techy changes, alternatively, Nat can request control through Zoom and make the changes for you live on the call.

Some of the many benefits of the Membership:

✔ Calls are weekly and now 60 minutes in duration.
✔ Tuesdays Weekly
✔ Calls are recorded so you can rewatch them back.
✔ Dedicated Facebook Group
✔ Membership area on the academy
✔ Easy to fit in around your busy lifestyle – convenient same time calls.
✔ Budget friendly  & you can learn from others.
✔ Great if you’re not sure what to ask and want to pick up tips & tricks
✔ Supportive environment for all levels of experience & tailored to the group.

Covering general websites & tech support,
WordPress Help, Mailerlite, Woocommerce & more.

WordPress Websites & Tech Support Help

Membership Billed Your Way
Monthly, 6 months or 12 month billing

You’ll be billed based on your choice of Monthly, 6 months or 12 months on the anniversary of your join date.

You’ll have access to a dedicated Facebook Group – for news and updates regarding calls

You’ll have your own Membership Area to download any resources made available and access your Zoom call links and recordings.

The NCD Tech Sessions Schedule

✔ 60 minutes each week on Zoom
✔ Global Friendly Call times

✔ Members Area with Links and resources.

✔ Cancel Anytime

✔ The time and date is subject to change depending on daylight savings.

✔ The Facebook group events tab will have all the details automatically converted to your timezone.

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  • Due to nature of digital product, access to resources and recording.  All membership fees are non-refundable.

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