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3 Courses & 16 weeks Live Help

Everything a non-techie needs to know to:

> Build a WordPress Website,

> Learn how to use WordPress,

> Take care of WordPress & Security with ease,

> Take a backup of your website,

> Learn how to keep it safe,

> Improve your website performance,

> Optimise your Website

> Improve your search engine optimisation .

NCDAcademy WordPress101® - Build

Lifetime Access to the Non-techie friendly self study course.

Gives you everything you need to build a WordPress Website from scratch.

It includes all of the trainings to:


>  Introduces you to WordPress – and acts as a digital library should you need to recap,

>  Helps you with the planning of your site,

Covers the design and colour considerations,

>  Installing WordPress & initial configuration,

>  and has the new Build Along With Nat training series, which is more tutorial style – where I walk you through step by step in building basic website.

>  Also includes a brief overview of what’s needed to maintain your site and possible improvements as a next step.

NCDAcademy WordPress101® - Maintain

Lifetime Access to the Non-techie friendly self study course.

Teaching you all the basics of WordPress Maintenance and Security.  Including:

> How to take a backup of your website,

> How to complete your WordPress updates

> Steps to harden your Security.

> Understanding why hackers want access to our sites

> How to handle security issues that arise.  

> Advice on Hack Recovery + my Emergency Hack Pack

NCDAcademy WordPress101® - Improve

Lifetime Access to the Non-techie friendly self study course.

Now that we’ve got the site built, and maintenance and security under control, we want to look at ways we can improve our sites. Including:

  > Audit / Website performance,

  > Optimisation of the website,

  > the search engines and

  > Search Engine Optimisation.

  > Ranking Factors,

  > Improving the information we’re offering on the site,

  > the content placement and so much more.

  > Connecting to the analytics and gaining beginner’s insight as to where your site is, Afterall, that which we focus on improves.

  > Practical SEO improvement tasks

  > and the SEO checklist to to help you make the most of your efforts.

Enrol now and fast track your WordPress Journey

The NCDAcademy WordPress101® - Maintain Course also includes

Part 2 of the 3 Part WordPress Beginner’s Programme.

This course that focuses on WordPress Maintenance & Security. We deep dive into understanding the importance of taking care of your WordPress website.

Step by Step Video Trainings

8 Weeks Live Q&A Support via Zoom

Lifetime Access + Self Paced Study

Designed for non-techies in business

Grab the 3 Courses + 16 Weeks Live Q&A

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