Free 3 Day WordPress
Course Creators Challenge

11th, 12th & 13th April

You’ve got knowledge inside your head that could easily be turned into online trainings & courses and be generating you income. Join me in FREE 3 DAY CHALLENGE to find out how!

11th April – DAY 1 What could you create?

12th April – DAY 2 What content to include?

13th April – DAY 3 How to deliver your offer?

Hey There lovelies!
I’m a strong believer we all have knowledge inside our head that could be generating income and using this knowledge to support more people. 

This concept has been the premise behind my entire NCDAcademy and any of the courses, programmes or trainings I’ve facilitated in the last 3-4 years since offering DIY & Group programmes in 2020.

However most people get caught up on the what KNOWLEDGE they really have, what CONTENT to  include and how to IMPLEMENT

So this week I’m hosting a free event in the WordPress Help Hub group,  to help you get clarity and talk to you about how to achieve that using WordPress.  

Over the three days, I’ll join you live in the WordPress Help Hub for about 15-20 minutes and talk to you about the daily topic.

I’m doing these as a Facebook live, so anyone in the WordPress Help Hub will be able to watch on Replay / Participate.

At the end of the live, I’ll give you a task to do to help you see what’s possible.  You’ll have a thread in the group for each day. Which you can then head over and comment with your task.

Anyone who completes all three will go in the running for a prize.

All lives + threads will be pinned to the top of the group, as well as sorted in the Guides section.

So what will we be covering over the 3 days? 

11th April DAY 1 What could you create?
12th April DAY 2 What content to include
13th April DAY 3 How to deliver your offer

Then on 14th April – Group Zoom Call to wrap up the challenge, chat about your ideas, how WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp can help you fast-track creating and selling online trainings and courses sooner.

If you’d like the details for this you can register your interest, simply by clicking the link below, those registered for the challenge will get

Prizes: For completing all 3 days of the challenge before 20th April , you’ll go into the running to win NCDAcademy Credit Voucher. And have clarity around what to create as an online offering.

Register for the challenge here:

14th April – Group Zoom – Wrap Up Party

There will be a launch party and wrap up of the challenge happening on Zoom on the 14th. I’ll announce prizes and tell you about the WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp & packages and offer a live Q&A
Details are available in the WordPress Help Hub

WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp – 19th May

What is the WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp, Bundle & Academy?

WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp is a live taught group programme where we look at the strategy and content for course creation. Along with the support and accountability to get you implementing and making money sooner.

There’s 4 primarily group calls, a workbook & video library to help simply creating your content.

It’s something you’ll be able to rinse and repeat over and over again and create more offerings from.

I know as it’s the same processes I use to create my own offerings.

I’ve created 3 high value and affordable packages for WordPress Help Hub Members, which will also be available on payment plan:

  • Bootcamp – standalone Programme + portal trainings
  • Bundle – Including access to my membership and a tech bonus for those who have an existing WordPress website – where I pay for a 12 month license and implement the plugin we’ll be using for you ready to add content.

    (Valued at 2000GBP / 4000AUD )


  • Academy – Including access to my membership and a done for you service – setting up the NCD Bare Essentials Academy. Which will include 12 months hosted, setup of an 8 page templated site, all the needed licenses for the themes included and will give you a functional WordPress site to get started, creating and selling courses online.

    (Valued at 2700GBP / $5000AUD)

There will be a limited number of the Bundle & Academy due to needing time to implement the tech.

The price points are:

  • WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp – £800 / $1100AUD
  • WordPress Course Creators Bundle – £1100 / $2200AUD
  • WordPress Course Creators Academy – £1700 / $3300AUD

Payment plans will be available for Bootcamp & Bundle 🙂

Additional bonuses available for Pay In Full.

Live Programme starts the 19th of May.

Cart will open on the 14th April, to allow payment plans to start and time to complete tech setups.

If you’ve got any questions about the programme, you can also reach out to me via DM / Instagram for a chat to see whether WordPress Course Creators Bootcamp is right for you.

I am really excited to offer this!! 🙂

First things first!
Let’s get you clarity around what you could create!

Here are the direct links to each of the free events for the FREE 3 Day WordPress Course Creators Challenge events via WordPress Help Hub

Big Love From Oz!
Nat Crowe x

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