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Every WordPress Website Owners should know how to take care of their WordPress Website.  Two of the most important care tasks include knowing:

> how to take regular backups of your WordPress website &

> how to keep your WordPress website up to date .

I’ve heard so many horror stories of businesses losing their entire website, experiencing long periods of downtime,  costing a fortune to rebuild, or losing significant money through loss of sales. All because they didn’t have a backup to restore from.

So I created the  WordPress Site Saver!

Introducing the WordPress Site Saver

“WordPress Site Saver – Backups & Updates made easy”  is designed to guide you through the What, Why & How  of WordPress Backups and Updates.   Non-techie friendly language that anyone can understand, and most importantly implement without the tech overwhelm!

It covers:

   > Importance of backups & why you should do it.

   > Why Hackers want access + other reasons for backups.

   > What you can back up & How you go about it

   > Different types of backups can take

   > How often you should be doing it.


Also Includes:


   > Basic guides to use two of the most common backup plugins

   > Where to store your backup files

   > How to take care of your WordPress Updates.

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WordPress Site Saver Bundle for you?

Get Instant Lifetime Access to the Non-techie friendly self study course that makes WordPress Backups & Updates easy!

  > Are you a NON-TECHIE WordPress website owner ? 

  > Unsure how to backup your website?

  > Unsure how to safely do your WordPress Updates?

  > Scared of making changes to your site in case you break it..

     so not using your WordPress site to it’s potential.

  > At ransom of paying high fees to your developer for management
     simply because you don’t understand what needs to be done?

  > Worried about website security and thought of what happens if I get hacked?
     or my site goes down? Am I going to lose it all?

Have you thought about it?

  > What If your site crashed, went off line or was hacked… ??

  > How does that impact your business?

  > How does that impact your customers?

  > How much would that set you back?

  > How much did you pay to get the site built?

  > How much did you spend on the maintenance, on your time and effort to build it and add to it?

  > How much for your hosting fees?

  > All of those things could be gone if you didn’t have a working backup & your site isn’t up to date?

How much much would it cost you to have to start from scratch?

Anywhere from 1000s is my guess and many have said lots more, particularly if you’ve had your WordPress website functional for sometime and paid for development.

I’ve helped 100s of clients who have been in this situation and it’s heart breaking seeing everything they’ve built suddenly disappear overnight.


There are things we can do to salvage situations like this but the main thing, that’s going to save you a whole lot of heartache, downtime and fees on recovery OR worse having to start from scratch is to take care of your WordPress Website Maintenance.


I’m Nat Crowe, Creator of the NCDAcademy WordPress101® & the NCD Tech Sessions membership. 14+ year WordPress Expert, $750K+ in sales helping non-techies globally build PROFITABLE WordPress Websites.



The WordPress Site Saver Bundle Can Help!

I’ve recently created “The WordPress Site Saver” an instant access video training bundle that’s designed intentionally for non-techies in business using WordPress and wanting to feel more confident to Backup and Update their WordPress website.



Grab your WordPress Site Saver Bundle today!

Enrol now and backup & update your site today!

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