Are you a NON-TECHIE Business Owner?

Wanting to BUILD your own
Profitable WordPress Website
without the tech overwhelm?


CREATE A WEBSITE that truly reflects your business
Confidently Do It Yourself & make changes with ease.

Maybe you have an EXISTING WordPress site
that you’ve had for a while that needs an update.

Perhaps you’ve built it yourself & it’s not exactly how you want it,

OR you’ve had it built by someone else.
but you’re not sure how to use it or make changes.

Or getting HACKED (whatever that means)

or that you’re paying for things you don’t need.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience &
want the freedom to Do It Yourself.

Maybe you’re short on time and want to learn fast
(Even if you plan on outsourcing it later.)

Or you’ve got more time than finance
& need to learn how to make this work for your business.

If this sounds like you!
You’re in the right place!

Introducing a Non-techie Friendly way to
Learn WordPress & Build A Website


NCDAcademy WordPress101® – Build
PART 1 of 3 PART WordPress Beginner’s Programme.

Boost Your Business Online
with a Profitable WordPress Site
Make More Money & Impact More Lives!

Ready to turn your website ideas into reality?​

Website Creation for Non-techies

If you're passionate about your business and want to take it to the next level by creating your own WordPress Website. Even with no experience! You've come to the right place!

Website Creation for Non-techies

Are you a non-techie business owner and wanting to BUILD a PROFITABLE WordPress website for your business? (even with no experience.)

Ditch the tech overwhelm!

I get it! Building your own can be tricky, but when you're non-techie it adds a whole new level. Things that come seemingly easy to others, tend to take you a lot longer. It requires a lot more of your attention and can feel totally overwhelming trying to tackle the tech.

Or maybe you're not tech-averse but have no clue where to start when it comes to constructing your website with WordPress

Elevate Your Business

You're not here just to build a website; you're here to build a PROFITABLE WordPress Website. One that catapults your earnings sky-high and frees up time for cherished moments with your loved ones, pursuing your passions.

Power to Do It Yourself

Imagine the FREEDOM of total DIY control. Craft a website that TRULY mirrors your business identity. Add, tweak, and customize with the ease of a seasoned pro. Feel CONFIDENT and SECURE in your site management, knowing you're steering your business towards GROWTH.

Learn WordPress Fast

Don't navigate WordPress solo. Say goodbye to endless resource hunting, head-scratching, and unexpected costs. Begin your WordPress journey on the right note. ACCELERATE your WordPress adventure with a mentor committed to EMPOWERING non-techies, backed by over 15 years of site development expertise & passionate for helping you succeed! 🙂

Expert Guidance, When You Need It

But that's not all! WordPress101 Programme offers SUPPORTED SELF-STUDY with LIVE support and interactive Q&A sessions. No more navigating the digital landscape alone. With step-by-step instructions, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll progress, even if you have zero experience.

Your online success story starts NOW. Join us!

Testimonials from WordPress101 Students

As a WordPress101 - Build Student, you'll explore:

Two Learning Pathways Included!

All students have lifetime access to both learning pathways. 

Choose your own adventure working through our Beginner Friendly How-To Video Library.  

Or dive right into the “Build Along With Nat” training series that will help you build a basic 5 page website fast! 

Explore the How-To Video Library

Uncover the heart of WordPress. Master the fundamentals, from installation and configuration to website creation, search optimization, and more, all through user-friendly bite-sized videos. Jump in as needed or steadily advance through the 12 Targeted Mini Modules at your own pace.


Before you start,  differences between types of WordPress, WordPress Hosting & more

Website Planning

Brainstorming your ideas & creating a plan for your website

Design & Layout

Visual Designs, Colours & layout of your site and pages

Content Planning

Choosing Pages, Structure & Functionality.

Installing WordPress

How to install based on your Hosting Environment

Foundations & Configurations

Basic of using WordPress and Configuring WordPress for the First Time

Plugins & Themes

What they are, how you get them, what you do with them , maintaining them etc.


Creating Pages & Posts, Using Visual Builders, Adding Images, Videos, Links & More

Introduction to SEO & Site Optimisation

Brief Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation & Website Optimisation

Introduction to Maintenance & Security

Brief Introduction to WordPress Backups, Updates & WordPress Security

Connecting To The Search

Essential Tasks once you’ve built your website, submitting your site to the search for indexing.

BONUS: Setting Up A Basic Online Shop

Introduction to the FREE Plugin Woocommerce. How to create a simple shop, connect PayPal or Stripe to accept payments and more.

FAST TRACK! Build Along With Nat (Training Series)

An opportunity to jump right into creating your website together.


The 'Build Along With Nat' training series offers a step-by-step tutorial-style approach to constructing a fully functional WordPress website from the ground up.

From brainstorming your website concepts to taking it live and optimizing it for search engines, I've got you covered!

Watch each video in order, and implement as you go.

It's up to you whether you smash it out in a WEEKEND or a IMPLEMENT over a week or two.

No need to choose a path right now!
You've got lifetime access to both
via the Student Portal.

WordPress101 - Build Demystifies WordPress, so you can

Unlock Nat's 15+ Years of WordPress Expertise

Instant LIFETIME Access On Enrollment

More feedback from my students:

for WordPress101 - Build Students


WordPress Learners Lounge 'VIP' Membership

Let my VIP Members share their experiences!



ONE-OFF Payment

6 WEEK Payment Plan


  • Terms & Conditions Apply*
  • Due to nature of digital product, access to resources and recording.  All membership fees are non-refundable.



NCDAcademy WordPress101® 
is a 3 Part Programme.
Get Access to:

  • WordPress101 – Build,
  • WordPress101 – Maintain &
  • WordPress101 – Improve
  • + 4 months VIP Live Access



WordPress Expert Natalie Crowe from Natalie Crowe Designs & the NCDAcademy. WordPress for Beginners | WordPress Courses | Learn WordPress with Natalie Crowe | Self-made WordPress websites

I’m Nat Crowe – the WordPress Expert from Oz.

15+ Years Experience & passionate about helping you demystify tech.

I’m a Big believer anyone can learn! And with over 100 students currently. I can’t wait for you to realise what you’re capable of and to be celebrating with you! 🙂

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