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FREE 5 Day WordPress Website Challenge for Non-techies.

Are you a NON-TECHIE in business?
Keen to DIY your own WordPress Site?
or REVISE & IMPROVE your current site!

Join Us  23rd to 27th of October

5 Days & 5 Small Tasks
to create your own actionable 1 Page Plan

The Facebook Group opens 20th of October!
Count down is on until the Welcome Party is 22nd
8PM Sydney | 10AM UK

What will we be covering during the challenge?

Learn from my 15+ years industry experience as a developer

Day 1 - Purpose & Functionality

We'll dive into the Heart and Soul of Your Website!
What's your website's Mission and Magic?
What functionality would you love it to have! Will it be your virtual storefront, your digital portfolio, or the ultimate connection hub? The choice is yours!

Day 2 - Your Audience - Seek & Find!

Getting to Know Your Audience: Who They Are and What are they searching! We'll explore a little regarding Search Engine Optimisation, and I'll introduce you to some nifty tools that'll help you discover the keywords and phrases your audience is all about.

Day 3 - Your Initial Pages & Main Menu Magic!

Crafting Your Content Blueprint- your initial pages. We'll unveil the content you want to showcase and chart a course for how it all fits together in your website's navigation menu.

Day 4 - Unlocking the Power of Repeat Visits!

Let's talk about the art of keeping your audience coming back for more. Ongoing Content Ideas are the secret sauce for businesses with stable products or services. Plus, they're a surefire way to win over the search engines.

Day 5 - Design Dreams and Bringing It All Together!

Now it's time to ignite your creative spark. We'll explore some fantastic design elements, and then we'll weave together all the amazing ideas you've gathered over the past 5 days into a one-page WordPress website plan that's not just a plan but a roadmap for you to bring your vision to life!

Who doesn't love a Workbook?!

I’ve whipped up a Special Treat for You:
A FREE Printable Workbook Tailor-Made for the Challenge!

While it’s totally your call whether you use the workbook or not, there’s something enchanting about having a tangible piece of magic to print out and scribble on. If you prefer good old pen and paper, that’s perfectly fine too. Don’t worry if you can’t print it – we’ve got you covered!

The workbook will be winging its way to your inbox after the launch party!

How Does It Work?


The challenge is held in a popup Facebook group
(You can request to join here – the group officially opens on the 20th October)

Each day of the challenge:

I’ll join you live in the group.
9PM Sydney | 10AM UK | 5AM US
(Calls are recorded and can be watched later under GUIDES)

I’ll share some information about a topic. I’ll give you your task for the day.
You’ll go to the GUIDES section in the group and find the Daily Answers Thread.
Post your completed task in the comments.

It’s as simple as that!
1) watch the daily live video,
2) Submit completed task on relevant thread.

Did someone say Prizes?!

It goes without saying the 1PAGE plan is a prize but I would love to help as many people as possible. The two primary prizes up for grabs will be:


All participants that complete and submit their 5 tasks before Midnight on the 29th October will be entered into draw to win choice of 1 x Month VIP Access to the WordPress Learners Lounge or $50AUD Discount from NCDAcademy WordPress101®


– Awarded to the person who is most engaged, active and helping out in the Facebook Group. Things like posting comments, threads and generally being supporting and helping out. Participant will receive choice of 1 x Month VIP Access to the WordPress Learners Lounge or $50AUD Discount from NCDAcademy WordPress101®


Bonus GIFT - 5 Day Password!


Each day you’ll be given a WORD. At the end of 5 days you’ll have 5 words that make up a password which will unlock vault to FREE Gift!

Simply watch the daily lives – either live or on reply anytime before midnight 3rd of October. To get the passwords.



After the exhilarating Challenge week, prepare for the Grand Finale! 🚀

I’ll be your host for an EPIC FREE MASTERCLASS and the much-anticipated NCDAcademy WordPress101® Launch Party. Here, we’ll dive deep into the art of bringing your 1 PAGE Plan to life. I’ll spill all the beans on the exact steps I use when crafting amazing websites for clients. Plus, stay tuned for the big reveal of our Challenge Prize Winners!

And that’s not all! At the grand finale, we’re launching the NCDAcademy WordPress101® – a 3-Part WordPress Beginner’s Programme, and I’ll be standing by to answer all your burning course questions. This is where your WordPress journey truly takes off!

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