Batching Images for WordPress + Socials


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Let’s tackle Batching Images for WordPress and Social Media – No Tech Skills Required!

Are you tired of the hassle that comes with trying to create visually appealing images for your blog and social media? Imagine if you could do all that effortlessly, even without any tech background. Well, now you can!

Introducing our beginner-friendly short course: “Batching Images for WordPress + Socials”

Here’s what you’ll learn to:

  • Efficiently Create Batch Images: Learn how to use Canva for FREE to design and produce images in bulk for your blog and social media.
  • Generate Content with ChatGPT: Discover how to leverage AI to brainstorm ideas and craft compelling social media posts.
  • Streamline Your Social Media: Use your custom blog post covers to create a consistent and attractive social media presence.

It’s All About Easy Steps: No tech skills? No worries! I’ll guide you through everything with super simple instructions. You’ll be batching awesome images before you know it.

So, Why Wait? Let’s Do This! Jump in now, and let’s start turning your visual content creation from daunting to dead-easy.

This is a one off purchase, with lifetime access to the trainings which you can revisit as often as needed through our student portal.

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