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Natalie Crowe Designs Recommended Resources

Hey lovely!
On this page you’ll find all of the recommend purchasable accounts Natalie Crowe Designs recommends. As I continue to create a library of resources that I recommend to my clients. They’ll be added here.

Siteground – WordPress Website Hosting

Learndash LMS for WordPress

WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin – Allows you to create and sell courses. This plugin is annual payment and integrates with WordPress, and can be integrated with a variety of other plugins to increase the functionality.

Vimeo Dedicated Video Hosting


StreamYard – Live Broadcasting Platform allows you to connect your social media platforms and broadcast live to multiple platforms including Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter & more. I use this for my Facebook Groups.

Sucuri is a great security platform / plugins for website security and scanning

If you have any questions about the recommendations feel free to get in contact via the contact form below:

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*NCD may receive a affiliate payment at no cost to you for some of the products listed above.

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