1 Page WordPress Website Plan


  • Do you want to build your own website? But need help to get clear on your website ideas?
  • Want to feel more confident around what to include and have it all mapped out in a simple 1 page plan?
  • Perhaps you’re new, or not very tech savvy and just not sure where to start
  • You may have even had bad experience with a developer who did a runner OR overcharged ?
  • Or you’ve been stung by another platform.
  • One way or another, you’ve decided that you want to regain control and Do It Yourself.
  • You may have heard about WordPress, or someone told you to look at getting a WordPress site, and you’re not sure where to start… and mind monkeys are chattering away!
  • You’re likely a busy small business owner, who doesn’t have an endless supply of cash, or mass amounts of time to trawl the internet to find the right info, but you do want to crack on and finally get “Build Website” off your to-do list.
  • If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions above, the 1 Page WordPress Website Plan Quick Fix is for you…

1 Page WordPress Website Plan


That takes you through step by step in easy to understand – non-techy language.


Complete the course at your leisure, with lifetime access and the ability to rinse and repeat the content for future projects.


The course is broken into short 5-10 minute bite-size videos which walk you through each step of the process.


Whether you’d prefer printable or digitally editable. You’ll have your 1 page plan complete in no time with our handy PDF Workbook.


The 1 Page WordPress Website Plan combines short 5-10 minute trainings, taking you step by step through the 6 primary areas of consideration when you’re looking to setup a WordPress Website.

Along with the bite-sized videos you’ll have a PDF workbook which you brainstorm your ideas and take notes for each section.

During the videos, I’ll walk you through what you need to know and why you need it. I’ll provide you prompts to help you put pen to paper and show you how you’ll take what you’ve created and put it into your 1 Page WordPress Website Plan.

  • YOU CAN DO THIS – No matter if you’re:
  • Not tech savvy.
  • Totally confused by or even paralyzed by tech.
  • Needing things broken down into SIMPLE / NON-TECHY – Step by Step Instructions.
  • Starting from scratch or you’re completely overwhelmed by all your ideas.
  • Sick of fighting with your mind monkeys and want to get it sorted this time!

Short course includes:​

  • Student Portal with Lifetime Access to the content – to rewatch & reuse.
  • 90 minutes of video content ( 5-10 minute bite sized chunks ) covering:
    • Ground Zero – “What tech do I need?”
    • Step 1 – “What’s my website Purpose & Functionality?”
    • Step 2 – “Who are my Audience & how will they find me on the Search?”
    • Step 3 – “What Pages do I need on my Main Menu?”
    • Step 4 – “What Ongoing Content can I write about?”
    • Step 5 – “How do I want my website to Look & Feel ?”
    • Step 6 – Collating your 1 Page Plan
  • Downloadable PDF – Printable or digitally editable PDF Workbook


How long does the course take?

Collectively you’ve got 90 minutes of video content. However you’ll want to take time to to complete the easy worksheet related to each video in order to be able to fill in your 1 Page WordPress Website Plan.

Can I re-watch the content & reuse for other projects?

ch the content & reuse for other projects?
YES! You have lifetime access to the training and the downloadable files. We have lots of students who build multiple websites, and rinse and repeat the training ,to come up with their 1 Page WordPress Website Plan for their 2nd or 3rd website 🙂

Please note content is copyrighted and reuse clause does not cover resale.

What currency is the price in?

NCDAcademy is based in Australia and we use Australian Dollars (AUD). You’ll be charged the Australian Dollar price listed and your bank will convert the payment to your currency. You can click the “currency” changer on the right hand side to get an estimate for GBP & USD.

Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST) doesn’t apply to international students.  Once you’ve entered your residential address during payment. You will not be charged GST.


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