StreamYard to Facebook Groups Workaround


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StreamYard to Facebook Groups Workaround

Unlock Seamless Streaming to Facebook Groups with StreamYard

Are Meta’s recent changes impacting your live streams?

On April 22nd, 2024, Meta altered the way 3rd party apps connect to Facebook Groups, disrupting the workflow of countless business owners who relied on StreamYard. If you’re struggling with this change, our new mini-course is here to help!

Introducing: StreamYard to Facebook Groups Workaround

What’s Inside:

  • Stream Live in Facebook Groups: Learn how to use StreamYard’s custom RTMP feature to broadcast live in your own Facebook Groups and others.
  • Stream Live in Facebook Group Events: Extend your reach and engage with your audience during group events.
  • Printable Step-by-Step Instruction Sheet: Follow our clear, printable guide to ensure you never miss a step.
  • Connect Instagram: Use the same process to go live on Instagram, maximizing your social media presence.

Why You Need This Mini-Course:

  • Immediate Solutions: Get back to streaming without missing a beat.
  • Reusable Guide: This isn’t a one-time fix. You’ll use these steps every time you stream, making it a valuable resource.
  • Quick and Easy: With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be streaming in minutes.

Practice Makes Perfect: With a bit of practice, you’ll master the process and seamlessly stream through StreamYard to your Facebook Group every time.

All for just 10!: Yes, for as little as a tenner, you can regain control of your streaming and keep your community engaged.

Don’t let Meta’s changes hold you back. Enroll in our mini-course today and start streaming like a pro!

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